Our Latest Client Testimonials

“I got laid off and I immediately started to fall behind on my bills.

My mortgage payments were seriously behind and my lender started the foreclosure process to get the house back.

Thanks to your knowledge and experience, you were able to intervene and convince the lender to withdraw the pending foreclosure.

This would have ruined my credit and any chance to buy another home in the future.

I was able to sell my house  in less than 30 days and avoid a foreclosure on my credit. Thanks again for all the help.” – James K.

“After experiencing the tragic loss of my mother, I inherited her home. In doing so I inherited the mortgage payments & maintenance fees & for months I was losing money.

I tried listing the home for sale with 2 different Real Estate Agents for a year and a half but they could not get it sold.

It was only when a friend recommended SellMyHouseFastinAtlanta.com.

I was finally able to sell the house for cash 15 days after submitting the property information on the site.” – Laureen D.

“I was having many sleepless nights over how to sell my house fast Atlanta until I came across this website.

Within 12 hours after submitting my property information on the site I got a call from your company followed up with an all cash offer and I sold my home 8 days later.

Thanks again for guiding me through this stressful time in my life.” – Kristi J.

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